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Friends of the D R Marching Band 

F.O.D.R.M.B. is a Parent  Group formed to assist the Dighton Rehoboth Marching Band in is goals both financially and physically.  


We organize fundraisers as well as Community Yard Sales and Bake Sales, etc.


Last year, with the help of some very knowledgeable parents, we held a Antiques Road Show type fundraiser which was very successful and expect to be holding a Celebrity Memorabilia Auction this year.  If you know of a great fundraiser, let us know.  We love new and fresh ideas.


The group consists of a 5 person board and all parents are welcome to join our meetings which are held the first Tuesday of each Month.



 July's Meeting Minutes 


Friends of the Dighton Rehoboth Marching Band

July 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Grota Residence 7pm


Attendance:          Board Members - Steve Grota, Christine Oberlander, Lynda Warren and Nancy Muri. Additional Members – Jean Dacus, Jim Figara, Maryann Medeiros, Rob LaBlanca, Robin Hebert, Shawn Urban


Minutes: Minutes of previous meeting (June 11, 2011) were reviewed and approved, Motion to Accept J. Figara 2nd by M. Medeiros.


Treasurer’s Report:  Ending balance $27,943.75. All bills have been paid, including Disney bills and $192 for drum heads, $172 for Commerce Insurance for the trailer and $74 for Edible Arrangement.  Motion to Accept J. Figara, 2nd M. Medeiros. Steve Grota will contact the accountant about issuing a 1099 form to the Moonlite Inn for the $13,500 check written for Disney expenses.


Old Business:


Paperwork: The Board members signed the paper work which will allow Lynda Warren to take over the Treasurer position.


Disney Review:   Thank you to Jean Dacus who donated $309.80 of materials for the carts in the new trailer. Jean Dacus and Steve Grota will present a T-shirt signed by all of the Disney characters to Jacob Roy who could not go on the trip. Jean and Steve will send a thank you note to the waitress and supervisor who went above and beyond in taking care of the request. Disney will also refund the money for the unused tickets to the Roy family.


Band Camp: August 20-24 2012 - FODRMB will have a form for parents to fill out to generate an email list. Kirk Dacus is working on updating the website and board members will have a FODRMB email address.



Spaghetti Supper- Carin Baker and Syl Amaral will set a date in early Aug. Syl will cook. Tickets will cost $10.


Motorcycle Run- Steve Grota, Jean Dacus, Shawn Urban and Carin Baker are coordinating a motorcycle run through Rehoboth and Dighton to finish at the Dighton Pavilion where there will be a chicken dinner. Tickets may be purchased for the Run or for just the chicken dinner. To be held at the end of September.


New Business:


UMASS Band Day:  November 17, 2012 at Gillette Stadium. FODRMB voted to send a non refundable check for $70 to sign up for Umass Band Day. Motion: J. Figara 2nd M. Medeiros.


Donation:  FODRMB voted to accept a generous donation from Jean Dacus. Each year Jean chooses a charity to donate a percentage from each closing for her Real Estate business.  Motion to Accept J. Figara, 2nd L. Warren.


Drum Major Academy:  FODRMB will pay half of the cost for each of the 2 drum majors to attend Drum Major Academy.